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Cardova, Jeffersonton poll sites moving
Culpeper moving Cardova and Jeffersonton polling stations.

Date published: 2/6/2013



Two Culpeper County polling stations--Cardova and Jeffersonton--will move locations for the November election.

In fact, Mary Dale of the Culpeper County Electoral Board hopes the move can be made in time for the June primaries.

The Board of Supervisors Tuesday set a public hearing, a necessary formality, for March 5. Unless there is loud opposition, Cardova will move from Culpeper High School to the American Legion Building (about a mile north of Rixeyville Road), and Jeffersonton will shift from the Jeffersonton Community Center to the new Jeffersonton Baptist Church fellowship hall.

Dale said the Jeffersonton Baptist Church fellowship hall, about 100 yards from the Community Center, "is a more modern" facility with telephone capability, "which is important to us on voting days."

She said it gets voting away from the post office and also offers better parking.

Dale called the polling area at Culpeper High "a pretty dingy space" and added that workers were "a little squashed" in the alcove and corridor between the auditorium and cafeteria.

At the American Legion Building, "we'll be spread out better" and the area "will be more congenial," she said. Dale added that there is also a grassy spot in front of the building for campaign signs.

She said there is another reason the Electoral Board wants to get away from Culpeper High. "With [increased] security, it is going to get difficult to hold elections in schools."

She added that the Electoral Board would like to move the Eggbornsville Precinct polling location from Emerald Hill Elementary School (the only other school used), but there is not another public building in that entire area.

In another minor move, Dale said that the Stevensburg polling station will likely be moved from the old Brandy Fire Hall building to the new one just across the parking lot.

In other business Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-3 to adopt a new policy for removing its chairman and vice chairman should that become necessary in the future. While the first four infractions for removal had to do with felony convictions, the final two dealt with incompetence and failing to fulfill required duties because of mental and physical problems.

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