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Juvenile justice: Worthy of 'Spotsyltucky'

Date published: 2/7/2013

The stereotypical term "Spotsyltucky," often applied disparagingly to the incestuously rooted Spotsylvania political machine, may be an accurate assessment of coach Joseph Bernard Hart's assault trial.

The county failed to properly vet Hart, and has some inarguable culpability due to the fact that this incident even occurred. That this young man's father is the chief of the county's emergency management division and was present in court certainly creates some venue-integrity concerns.

Quotes and occurrences from the trial ["Coach freed, father jailed," Jan. 31] raise at least four issues that should be reviewed by the Virginia Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.

The county will certainly be a defendant in the civil trial. Any trial lawyer worth his or her salt will request a change in venue, as now multiple Spotsylvania County entities are potential witnesses or defendants in this debacle.

ADHD and poor impulse control do not excuse any behavior, much less assault on a child in an official capacity. Were psychiatrists employed by the defense to attest to these ailments? Of course not.

We do not need Hart's services as any type of public servant if he truly suffers from these ailments. We also don't need judges ignoring the facts and being influenced to diminish crimes to help the "intellectually disabled" achieve their dreams.

Serial killer Ted Bundy wanted to be a lawyer. We are fortunate that he wasn't treated the same way.

This was a wonderful opportunity to highlight to this young man the importance of personal responsibility, not only to himself, but to others. Mission failed.

Mike Taylor