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Cuccinelli's new book pushes political buttons page 2

Date published: 2/8/2013


"I don't think it's smart or productive to make comments that could be interpreted as criticizing everyone who receives a benefit from government," Bolling said in a written statement. "Not every government program is bad, and not everyone who receives a government benefit is dependent on government."

He concluded: "I just don't think Mr. Cuccinelli's ideas are consistent with what a majority of Virginians believe."

Cuccinelli said critics are misinterpreting his position.

"The recipients of these programs are not what we're addressing," he said. "Politicians try to use these programs for political advantage, and it isn't just for the positive ends of the program."

In one passage, Cuccinelli relates a personal experience to illustrate his view that "taking care of the poor is ideally the province first of families, churches, and charities, not the government." He writes about a time when his mother was ill, and the Cuccinellis got by with the help of extended family.

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