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No damper on the big show

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Date published: 2/11/2013


Associated Press

Proposing marriage has become an industry of its own with professional planners, flash mobs for hire and elaborate, homegrown surprises to make the moment memorable. And let's not forget YouTube, and our steadfast resolve to share.

So what happens to the best-laid plans when the ring goes missing, the liquid courage is out of control or romance is ruined by unforeseen disaster?

"More complicated equals more possible problems, and more pressure," said Anja Winikka, director of the wedding site TheKnot.com.

Val Hunt Beerbower, 29, learned that the hard way. She was a hot, bothered mess the night her husband, Mike, proposed during what he envisioned as a special evening taking in the sights of Washington, D.C. The Labor Day weekend weather was sweltering, she was exhausted from a full day on her feet and she stepped in a huge stagnant pool of foul-smelling water on the National Mall.

Her jeans wet and stinky, they pressed on toward the Jefferson Memorial, the proposal site he had scouted days before. Halfway around the Tidal Basin, her allergies kicked in, her glasses steamed up from the heat and humidity--and she was begging to return to their hotel.

"So in an unlit parking lot, within sight of the Jefferson Memorial, Mike popped the question," Beerbower, who works for a conservation group in Dayton, Ohio, recalled of their 2008 trek. While they were still basking in her "yes," a driver pulled up, opened his car door and threw up all over the place.

"Mike was crushed, but I couldn't stop laughing," she said.

Pam Cosce's disaster came in frigid Paris last March, when her husband, Asa Sanchez, had it in his head that he would propose on top of the Eiffel Tower after dark, as close to midnight as he could get to honor a special visit there years prior.

He carried the ring around for 2 weeks but the tower was elusive. One night a boat ride returned them after it was closed. They were rained out another night. On and on it went.

"I didn't even know what his obsession was because we don't love Paris for its tourist attractions," said 43-year-old Cosce, who owns a landscaping business with her husband in San Francisco. "After 10 years together, it never occurred to me that he might be considering popping the question."

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