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Spotsy schools serious about attendance

Date published: 2/12/2013

Spotsy schools serious about attendance

Martin Davis ["Keep your students in the classroom, Spotsy," Feb. 3] is correct in his statement that "if you aren't in school, the odds for succeeding are greatly reduced." This is exactly why the schools in Spotsylvania are sending notes home when students have excessive unexcused absences.

It is evident from his column that Davis did extensive research comparing Spotsylvania schools to local area and charter schools. What I did not see is his mention of code of conduct comparisons for these cited schools.

Stafford County has a Code of Conduct Handbook that both parents and students sign at the beginning of the year. It clearly states the schools' expectations of their students and the consequences if the student chooses to act in a contrary manner. Spotsylvania County also publishes its expectations for student behavior and attendance at the beginning of each school year.

There was also no reference to student accountability. If one chooses to act in a manner in opposition to the Code of Conduct (whether it be for disruptive behavior or not doing homework) he has to accept responsibility for his choice.

All schools have a responsibility for the success of their students to provide an environment that is safe, free from disruptive behavior, and educationally challenging. It appears that Spotsylvania County public schools have taken this responsibility seriously. If their students do the same, they will be in the classroom, and they will succeed!

Liz Beatty