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Want to stop gun crimes? Stop liberals

Date published: 2/17/2013

Want to stop gun crimes? Stop liberals

It seems everyone has forgotten the premise on which our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment when they wrote the Bill of Rights.

It wasn't so we could have the biggest, baddest weapon available, or for sports hunting, and it wasn't even for self-defense. The Second Amendment was created to ensure that our citizens could protect themselves from the tyranny of government. For 250 years it has done that.

Today, gun control advocates again threaten our rights by asking a powerful central government to punitively take away these rights, without regard for the Constitution, even though similar laws passed by the federal government have never reduced or checked crime or murder one scintilla.

Proposed gun control legislation is nothing more than feel-good politics and does not address the root of the problem--an America dominated by political correctness and liberal ideology.

Americans are failing to challenge mentally unstable people, for fear of being wrong, even though many people later say there was something seriously wrong with that individual. Our government looks the other way when violent and bloody movies and video games are manufactured and sold, because they are produced by powerful liberals who support their radical ideology.

Wouldn't it be novel if Congress finally chose to defend our hard-won constitutional rights instead of finding different ways to take them away?

Russ Duenow