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Enforce the gun laws that we already have

Date published: 2/17/2013

Enforce the gun laws that we already have

Here is another suggestion regarding gun control. I am not against hunters nor against recreational shooters. I am concerned that we in the United States unfortunately have a significant problem with illegal gun violence.

Let's enforce the laws we have. Felons are not permitted to have firearms. The terms of probation in most felony cases include the ability for searches that would otherwise violate the Fourth and Fifth amendments: While convicted felons are on probation, their homes and persons can be searched without probable cause.

I also suggest that individuals be forbidden to have or to sell firearms capable of shooting more than one round per trigger pull. I also suggest that gun owners be required to possess a license, not unlike a license to operate a motor vehicle: In order to get a license they must prove they know how to use the weapon possessed and have knowledge of the capabilities of the weapon owned.

Peggy Evans Garland


Ms. Garland is former commonwealth's attorney of Westmoreland County.