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Ever thus: To the winners go the 'spoils'

Date published: 2/18/2013

Ever thus: To the winners go the 'spoils'

Several Free Lance-Star readers have recently criticized the actions of the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, most notably for the selection of a political crony (who gave money to Board campaigns) for deputy county administrator.

One should not be surprised with this action, taken even though there were better candidates with substantive experience in county management. This action would be defined as the "spoils system" and can be traced back to Andrew Jackson's presidency. After winning an election a political party rewards its voters with patronage jobs.

In Spotsylvania it's unfortunate this system that circumvents the county administrator's authority has been adopted by the Board. In the future, they may make the selections for other rank-and-file county employees based on nepotism and cronyism.

We can blame the Board, but who is ultimately responsible for this hiring action? Look in the mirror!

Bob Morgan