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Voter ID folks do a good job at proving my point

Date published: 2/19/2013

Voter ID folks do a good job at proving my point

A heartfelt thanks to Alan Branfman for proving my point ["Voter fraud in Virginia is hardly outlandish," Jan. 22]. His illustration merely shows how an individual without a legitimate voter ID by current rules was thwarted from voting (and it took place in Washington, D.C., not Virginia)! No fraudulent ID was used. How would fewer voter IDs have improved on this? Is Branfman trying to muddle the issue, or is he just confused?

This was an attempt to get Patrick Moran to use voter-fraud tactics, which he never did. No laws were broken and no voter ID fraud took place. Again, Branfman has failed to produce a single case of proven voter ID fraud in our state. Is Branfman trying to muddle the issue or is he confused as to what proven ID fraud really is? Would the public not be better served if he and the Electoral Board directed their efforts toward making the polls more efficient and shortening the long lines to facilitate voting rather than (with apologies to Cervantes) "tilting at a problem" that doesn't exist?

I must decline his invitation to work as another watchdog at the polls. The Electoral Board has done such an exemplary job using the protections at hand that it needs neither my nor Del. Cole's further assistance. Branfman should not use this or any other ploy to sidestep the issue: how fewer voter IDs make voter registration more legitimate since voter ID fraud is not now, nor ever has been, a serious problem in this state.

And yes, my friend, I do indeed have a photo ID. I recently used it to prove to a zealous 20-something clerk at an ABC store that I had passed my 21st birthday, some 60 years ago!

Ronald A. Apter, M.D.