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How wonderful to have such kind friends

Date published: 2/19/2013

How wonderful to have such kind friends

How often have we been so truly thankful for an individual or a family that we are simply at a loss for words?

I have such a blessing I'd like to pass on for the love and friendship of my next-door neighbors, Jim, Carolyn, and Henri Knesel.

These neighbors include my family in almost everything they do. We don't always accept, but the invitation is always there.

They will walk your dog when you can't, bring your newspaper to the door every day, always bring in your trash and recycling receptacles, change your light bulbs, and cook you wonderful food and bring it to your kitchen.

They sense your loneliness yet give you all the space you need when you're feeling down. They call to make sure you are all right when they don't see you out and about. They support your feelings, your whims, and even go so far as to tell you that you are a flower in their garden of life.

I am truly blessed to have these folks in my world.

Arthena Baxley