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Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, bye, to history?

Date published: 2/19/2013

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, bye, to history?

Not so fast, please!

Virginia Tech is planning to destroy Barracks No. 2 (Rasche Hall) and Barracks No. 3 (Brodie Hall).

How can "my university" obliterate two old dormitories that have been continuously occupied by students for more than 100 years?

Fewer than a half-dozen structures remain from Virginia Agricultural & Mechanical College, and these two brick buildings helped form the original quadrangle, now known as "Upper Quad."

One of them is older than the word "Hokie" that was invented in 1895 as a new school cheer, when the name of the school was changed to Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, if you will). That was when the school colors were changed from black and gray to orange and maroon, and just before we built our first greystone (Hokiestone) buildings. How far we have come!

In 1957, when I was a student, these two old buildings were rehabilitated and adaptively reused, with new additions to meet the need for expansion. Shouldn't there be a design competition in 2013 to use the skills of design professionals to solve this problem again? It is unthinkable to wipe out this part of the university's heritage.

As an engineer, I love our motto: "Invent the Future." But it does not fit with "Destroy the Past." Just say no to this idea.

Louis L. Guy Jr.