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Where's the support for teachers, Stafford?

Date published: 2/19/2013

The focus of Stafford County education is financial and not addressing the real issues in the school system. There is no support for teachers from the administration, no discipline for the students, and the parents and kids are not held responsible.

Expecting teachers to do their jobs but not giving them the tools to be successful is setting the system up for failure. More meetings and assessments are not the solution.

I think the Stafford County Schools administration has lost touch with reality. When was the last time the School Board set foot in a classroom to see the behavior issues that teachers deal with daily?

As a parent of two kids in Stafford schools, I hold my kids accountable for how they perform. It's my job to reinforce what is taught, to make sure my kids behave accordingly. and not make excuses for my kids. I want my kids to succeed, but this county does little in helping them.

Teachers are not the problem as a whole; the problem starts at the top and the superintendent should be held accountable as well.

Mark Pearson