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Shenanigans would deny state workers health insurance

Date published: 2/24/2013

Shenanigans would deny state workers health insurance

The governor's strategy to cut cost and eliminate health care for state part-time employees is repulsive. The proposal states "wage employees in the legislative, judicial, executive, and independent branches of government may not work more than 29 hours per week on average per week." This means you could be forced to work longer hours some weeks and fewer in others as long as the average is 29 per week. This type of policy is another way to exploit low-wage employees. That model is implemented in Right to Work states.

One of the reasons our unemployment rates are so high is the use of part-time workers. Temporary agencies assign temporary workers to work a specific period. They do not pay any fringe benefits. Once the assignment is completed the person is terminated and he either takes another assignment or draws unemployment insurance.

The governor wishes to legally allow the circumvention of the Affordable Health Act. He does not appear to want the expansion of health care to all. He said it, he is putting it in writing, and he expects it to be implemented.

The University of Mary Washington should welcome the chance to offer health care to its wage employees. This is another example of the Republican Party's move to balance the budget on the backs of low-wage employees. Why did they not appoint a committee to study ways to offer health care to all, as state Sen. Stuart did? His committee will study how to curb rules on businesses. As usual it's big business vs. little people. Big business appears to win all the time.

Willie Brown