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Whose 'rights' have priority? page 3
Karen Owen's op-ed column on noise, compromise, and our rights in America.

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Date published: 2/24/2013

By Karen Owen


Can we not come to some sort of compromise, as my husband and I did in Richmond? It had been our choice to live in an urban environment, after all, and it was unreasonable (and unlikely) for us to expect everyone to hush up just for us. No right is absolute, not even the Second Amendment.

Yet none of the arguments that I've read in opposition to restricting access only to weapons of mass destruction have included any willingness to compromise. The no-compromise crowd is too busy railing that "liberals" want to take away our "God-given" right to own a gun. This simply isn't true, and gross exaggeration doesn't advance their case.

As with the drivers of motorcycles and those who love to ramp up the bass on car stereos, their rights seemingly supersede mine. I'm living with that. But all I'm asking for, really, is to be allowed some semblance of a good night's sleep, and to not wake up to living in an armed camp.

If we compromise, we can find a solution that won't satisfy everyone but is something we all can tolerate. It's about give and take, putting aside paranoia, suspicion, and what-ifs, and being reasonable.

Everyone, after all, has rights.

Karen Owen is Viewpoints editor of The Free Lance-Star.

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