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Who elects these lefty sycophants, anyway?

Date published: 2/24/2013

Who elects these lefty sycophants, anyway?

We have a president who decides what laws he will enforce and what ones he won't based on whether or not he agrees with those laws. Which laws are those, might you ask? Our immigration laws and the Defense of Marriage Act are two most glaring examples. This also means, by these actions, that he chooses not to honor his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and its laws.

Now, if anyone thinks our senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, who portrayed himself as a moderate when campaigning and still does when the opportunity avails itself, is really a moderate then he or she hasn't been following his actions since he was elected. Warner's voting record shows a lockstep mentality with far-left stalwarts like Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, et al.

Warner's recent flouting of our nation's laws by inviting 19-year-old Ambar Pinto, a known illegal immigrant who goes to Northern Virginia Community College, as his guest at the recent State of the Union event, should give an indication of his far-left liberal leanings and disdain for the law of the land.

I would have hoped that Sen. Warner would have been more circumspect rather than show an in-your-face attitude toward law-abiding citizens by his flouting of the law. Surely Virginia can do better than this when his re-election comes up, although I don't hold out much hope after the recent mistake of electing another far-left leaning sycophant to represent our commonwealth.

Charles Davis