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Those sensitive liberals are at it again

Date published: 2/24/2013

Those sensitive liberals are at it again

Regarding the opinion piece by Dave Zirin of Feb. 16, "'Redskins' won't survive many more moons": This discussion has annoyed me for years. It's sad that the good intentions of team owners who have named their teams Braves, Redskins, Indians, etc., and done so in honor of our "Native American" brothers and sisters, are constantly attacked by the PC crowd. Their selection of the name honors the bravery, fighting spirit, the will to keep fighting, to endure any hardship, and to keep fighting against all odds--in short, to invoke the spirit of their namesake to fight and win in the battle on the field.

But liberals and the politically correct crowd won't hear of it. They refuse to believe it, and believe that if one person is offended, we all should be offended. And dang if they can't be offended by anything and everything. Anything they don't like or anything that will annoy folks with conservative viewpoints. Jump on the wagon, boys, we're about to be offended.

I've about had it and perhaps it is time to change the Redskins name. How about the whining, sniveling, aboriginal, Stone Age, hunter-gathering crybabies? Rolls right off the tongue, and it will look great on the jersey.

Richard Ellison