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A civilized society needs laws, not more guns page 2
A civilized society needs guns? Or is it laws? By Rick Lawson

Date published: 2/24/2013


Could some of these efforts be viewed as onerous by law-abiding citizens? I think so. Have these efforts had some success at reducing accident deaths? I think so. Walsh stated that her grandmother's death occurred at a time when drunken-driving laws "were ignored in that day." Is it fair to wonder if this death might not have occurred in today's community sensitivity to drunk driving and resulting laws?

I can't escape sounding personally critical when I find her argument about lack of media and public interest in banning bathtubs, buildings, and airplanes, in reaction to deaths caused by deranged persons and terrorists, as somewhere between weak and silly. Perhaps a plea for enhanced mental health initiatives would have strengthened her position.

I'm not sure who was being quoting when she cited "God made men and Sam Colt made them equal." The Declaration of Independence seems to state this differently: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. " Ironically, the Colt referenced in her quote was a six-shooter and not an assault rifle.

Walsh refers to another NRA sound bite: "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." The first "good guy with a gun" that comes to my mind is a police officer; and police chiefs and law enforcement officials throughout the country have asked for laws banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. The weapons carried by police officers typically have a six- to 10-shot capacity. Why should anyone, other than military and law enforcement need an assault weapon. What does the name imply? Certainly not "defense."

I admit to being befuddled by her acknowledgment that people have done violence to one another since Cain and Abel, and that our society is "in the desolate void left by the absence of right and wrong ," yet fails to see the legitimate role and success of laws and regulations to protect those who do know the difference between right and wrong.


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