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A civilized society needs laws, not more guns page 3
A civilized society needs guns? Or is it laws? By Rick Lawson

Date published: 2/24/2013


It is my opinion that banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will benefit our society and not deprive anyone of their rights. Similarly--partly based on sharing some of Walsh's views of society--I think more rigid background checks should be required. Neither of those efforts will solve the entire problem, and there will be senseless deaths in the future (by cars and guns), but to do nothing seems to be lacking in faith and suggests we should sit back, close our eyes and minds, and let the "chaos" Mary Walsh refers to go unchecked.

Finally, there is a mental health spectrum that is so vast that I'm not sure what to suggest. I know that the Virginia Tech experience, and now Sandy Hook, have focused attention on early identification of potential mental health/violence in the education setting. This is a good beginning. But I hope Walsh would agree that a multifaceted approach, in which parents, churches, schools, and mental health professionals work toward a long-term solution, is important. Perhaps the Sandy Hook tragedy will raise public consciousness about the broader problems, and create efforts similar to M.A.D.D. to bring resources to bear on fundamental societal issues.

Our dream would be that when our grandchildren grow up they will live in a civilized society where guns are unnecessary. That is unlikely, but worth striving for. In the meantime let's start with assault rifles and background checks. It is a worthwhile beginning.

Rick Lawson is a resident of Spotsylvania County.

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