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Racetrack? Only if you want noise, pollution

Date published: 2/25/2013

Racetrack? Only if you want noise, pollution

We should be proud of the natural beauty of our area. Even though we live in a place that is growing every day, where many people rightly want to live and raise their families, we are surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife. Our natural resources are a priceless gift that we should preserve even as we strive to make this a great area to live and work.

If that is true, why would we want to build a raceway such as the one proposed for Thornburg? The raceway would border fields, forest, and the wetlands of the Po River. Much of this land is held as easements by the Virginia Outdoor Foundation. The VOF holds these easements to preserve the habitat for wildlife (including endangered species) and the beauty of these areas for us, our children, and our children's children. A raceway would destroy all of that.

Racetracks are sources of devastating pollution. There would be rain runoff from paved racetracks and connected parking lots, spilled fluids from race cars, air pollution from so many cars packed into such a small space, and noise pollution that disturbs local wildlife (not to mention the people who live within a several-mile radius.

Once we destroy these resources, they aren't coming back. We need to think twice before we make such a horrible decision. We need to stop the Thornburg raceway.

Matt Willliamson