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What we've got here is 'misdirected priorities'!

Date published: 2/26/2013

What we've got here is 'misdirected priorities'!

Isn't it amazing that the president and Senate Democrats can find time to come up with new gun controls but in four years have not found the time to offer a budget? Misdirected priorities!

These people are so inept yet continue to draw a salary from the government. Misdirected priorities!

Apparently the Senate politics are to aid President Obama in his runaway spending. Misdirected priorities!

At some point, the people of America are going to get tired of paying salaries to congressmen and senators who do not do what they were elected to do. Misdirected priorities!

To correct the injustice currently going on would be like asking the fox to change the lock in the hen house. Misdirected priorities!

I also find it interesting that since all funding bills must originate in the House, how does the federal government get the authorization to continue spending without an approved federal budget? Misdirected priorities!

Who approves the continued spending without an authorization bill? Once again, misdirected priorities!

Until the president and Congress decide to conduct business that will curtail spending, we will continue to be faced with misdirected priorities!

Marvin F. Pixton III