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Sequester seems fair

Date published: 2/26/2013

Sequester seems fair

People are agitated about the potential "sequester," claiming that it's not fair. My understanding is all programs will be cut by the exact same percentage amount. How is that not fair?

It seems that if the Army Humvee program is cut by 10 percent and the interstate highway system is cut 10 percent and the unemployment system is cut by 10 percent, that's pretty fair across the board. In absence of actual compromise, this seems a fair way to approach a problem that everyone agrees must be addressed.

It is said that if you look down your street, you will find someone who makes 10 percent less than you living like a king, and someone who makes 10 percent more than you living like a pauper. The sequester may sort out which government programs fall into each category.

Peter Ost