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Domestic duties could relieve military stress

Date published: 2/26/2013

Domestic duties could relieve military stress

U.S. military personnel seem to retain too much stress after they are no longer in combat. The stress and memory of combat is not replaced with regular living.

I have been in two conflicts and in two services, in the Navy in World War II and the Marines in the Korean War.

I think that civilian contractor services are nice, but may possibly be detrimental for veterans, when having PTSD trouble.

The military, back when I served, took care of their own domestic needs in the Navy and the MC. This requirement to do their own domestic duties was a direct reprogramming that enforced noncombat duties, thus replacing combat stress. Having combatants with free time between fights allows some to brood over stressful killing experiences, which, for some, can easily contribute to PTSD later. Replacing combat duties with required domestic duties, as I experienced, would be a great way for our military to relieve combat stress.

With our country's present effort for financial reduction in DOD, closing civilian contractor support services to the military would be a great saving, both financially and to ease PTSD. I think this would only be loss of civilian jobs, thus impacting our economy.

Howard V. Yarus