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'Using' pheasants no better than fox penning

Date published: 2/26/2013

'Using' pheasants no better than fox penning

First we have to read about the glorified tradition of fox penning (for dog training), and now a feature about the raising of pheasants (for dog training) ["Raising pheasants is pleasant side job," Feb. 15].

Please stop lauding the people who are responsible for the exploitation and slaughter of innocent animals.

The Gumps cannot even use the excuses of deer hunters, who claim they need to feed their families or for the "altruistic" cause of saving the poor deer from overpopulation.

Raising a thousand birds per year to sell to rich hunters who enjoy easy prey, not because they are in need of the meat for food but because they "look attractive on their wall," is disgusting.

These people are no better than the owners of greedy corporations getting rich off of factory-farmed animals, or big game safari hunters gloating over their trophies. Stop trying to sell us stories about "tradition," and call it what it is: man making a profit exploiting the innocent just because he can.

James Meril