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Thanks, all who helped preserve Redoubt No. 2

Date published: 2/27/2013

Thanks, all who helped preserve Redoubt No. 2

The men of the 12th Corps of the Army of the Potomac, 1863, which served at Federal Redoubt No. 2 (the defensive works at Aquia Creek), wish to express sincere thanks to the participants of the 150th birthday celebration of the fort on Feb. 10.

The preservation of the fort is a massive tribute to all who have contributed--owners, researchers, neighbors, Boy Scouts--especially those who achieved their Eagle--and the Stafford County tourism community, particularly MC, Jay, and Heather.

The fort is very much as we left it. It is not a modern reconstruction; it has been dutifully saved for all. It is a fragile reminder of the hardship of service.

Redoubt No. 2 continues to stand watch.

Dr. Thomas Mountz