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Liberalizing grading scale leaves kids unprepared

Date published: 2/27/2013

It was with great dismay that I read the news about Fredericksburg changing its grading scale. This is another way to dumb down our students.

We have lowered our standards to the point that no matter how we rate in Virginia using this scale, we are depriving students of performing at a reasonable and expected level of intelligence.

This lowering of standards has been creeping up in the educational system for many years, and it is time to stop and consider what we are really doing.

In an apparent effort to increase the rank of our schools compared to others in the state and nation, we are lowering the levels of learning required of children, shortchanging them for life outside the educational system.

Our federal government has promoted these changes by not giving assistance to schools that fall below a level it dictates.

Hence, our schools have apparently decided that the cash is worth the exchange of educating our children as they should expect from an enlightened society.

Using the 10-point system, students would be given a passing "average" grade of C when earning grades between 70 and 79, and a passing grade of D between 60 and 69.

No wonder our children are failing to find jobs that require a minimal amount of education. No wonder they are failing standardized tests. No wonder they are lacking interest in continuing on in post-graduate education. No wonder they are passive about just about everything.

We are worried about the federal debt we may leave for our children, but we are not worried about giving them the tools with which to remedy these problems.

Virginia H. Whiting