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What's the big deal?

Date published: 3/3/2013

What's the big deal?

All the political hype from the press and politicians attempts to lead us to believe we will experience another financial catastrophe if sequestration is allowed to take effect March 1. And if the richest of us are taxed more, that will solve the spending problem in Washington. As Sen. Rand Paul correctly pointed out, sequestration means a reduction in growth, not cuts to existing spending. This is because our government several years ago passed into law automatic increases in federal budget spending every year. And these automatic increases are more than the sequestration reduction.

I don't get it. Surely, we aren't being lied to by those in power and the press, are we? And are the executive and judicial branches subject to these so-called drastic cuts in spending? You can bet your sweet bippy they aren't. Their pay and benefits are remaining the same, I imagine. And I have not heard anything about grounding Air Force One. That is desperately needed for vacation outings and campaigning.

Sam Stewart