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'Drains to Bay': A beautiful reminder

Date published: 3/5/2013

'Drains to Bay': A beautiful reminder

This letter piggybacks a column by John Howe about how erosion can pollute the Chesapeake Bay ["Erosion prevention helps save the Chesapeake Bay," Feb. 1].

While attending a walking tour on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg, we happened to notice the handsome medallions fastened to the city's storm inlet drains. In case you've missed them, the medallions bear the message "No Dumping--Drains to Bay" message.

Some years ago, while working in one of the largest cities in the region, it was common occurrence to see the city's public workers shoving and sweeping debris from streets and sidewalks into the city's storm drains.

The ripple effect was that the storm inlet drains would not flow and drain properly during heavy rainstorms, causing streets to flood and creating tremendous traffic problems in town. Moreover, the practice polluted the Potomac River and the largest estuary in the world, the Chesapeake Bay.

Congratulations to Fredericksburg's civic organizations, which were responsible for the medallion project and having the wherewithal to place them on the city's storm drains. They look most attractive and durable, too.

The "No Dumping--Drains to Bay" medallions serve as good reminders that trash down the city's storm drains eventually ends up in the rivers and the Bay. Some of us need friendly reminders, especially about good-housekeeping matters regarding Mother Earth.

Brenda Hamilton Hynson

King George