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D.C. 'dictators' live above the law

Date published: 3/5/2013

D.C. 'dictators' live above the law

I am writing in reference to some of the things that come out of Washington. We all thought that Germany had a dictator, and if you sit down and think about it, we have the same. We have one in the White House and more than 500 in the Capitol building, yet what they dictate does not apply to them.

Only if it benefits them does it apply to them. If they are convicted of a felony and have to serve time for their convictions, they are sent to a rest home in Florida or some other state. They do not go to a regular prison.

The president is pushing for gun control, yet the city his former chief of staff is now mayor of has had more killings from guns than any state--including the District of Columbia.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife violated laws, yet will not see the inside of a jail; other people would have been in jail waiting for trial. Though he has pled guilty, he will draw his pension from the time he was in Congress.

Yet everyone else is out here working hard to make a living. How many of those dictators have lost their homes because of non-payment and loss of jobs? None, because they would pass a bill real quick to save themselves.

Franklin D. Bamsey