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Gentlemen, start your job-killing engines?

Date published: 3/8/2013

I find Steve Britt's Feb. 26 commentary, "Do raceway opponents fear noise, or change?", very interesting since it comes from a man who doesn't live in the area, whose current racetrack is being exiled from Manassas, and who stands to realize significant financial gain from its construction.

What I find even more interesting is that the racetrack project seems to be getting positive interest from the Spotsylvania supervisors, though it violates the county's Comprehensive Plan, violates VDOT guidelines, and violates the serenity of neighbors for miles around.

I really thought the Spotsy supervisors got it right when they passed a Comprehensive Plan that called for commercial development and business growth on the U.S. 1 corridor between Cosner's Corner and Thornburg.

What a great area for office space development, with good access to Interstate 95, access to eateries and shopping, and a ready supply of white-collar workers who would love to give up their northbound commute in the wee hours of the morning.

I can't think of a better way of destroying that concept than to build a noisy racetrack just a few miles away! If Spotsylvania County is really about professional job growth, why are supervisors considering trading off hundreds of high-paying white-collar jobs for perhaps a dozen low-paying racetrack jobs?

Back to Britt's commentary, it's not an either-or decision of "fear of noise or change." Many of us who live in the area embrace change--smart change--and we don't fear the noise if you put the noise in the right location. How about closer to Spotsylvania Courthouse, where there is significant rural land available?

Let's get smart about the kind of busi-nesses we bring into the region, and get busy on creating a need for the white-collar jobs our area is crying out for. The new FBI center would be a good start. Let's not scare away opportunities like that!

Robert Duffy