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Is Wilderness Run threatened?

Date published: 3/17/2013

Is Wilderness Run threatened?

Some people go to the mountains or the beach; when I want to "get away," I come home. For 27 years my family has lived in the northwest corner of Spotsylvania County along the Wilderness Run, on the original home site of Greenwood Plantation. Five generations of our family have enjoyed the beauty of this property.

Now the peace of this place is threatened by Orange County as it looks for ways to bring money into its community. From this, the Wilderness Battlefield Gateway Study has been presented. I am disturbed that the study "was underwritten through generous grants from the National Park Service and member groups of the Wilderness Battlefield Coalition." This will negatively impact many homeowners, most of whom live in Spotsylvania, and including homes in Greenwood Plantation, Greenwood Estates, and Fox Chase subdivisions.

One of the attractions of this proposal is a lake that would be created from Wilderness Run. To do this would mean flooding homes and roads in Spotsylvania County. This has been talked about many times over the years. During one such presentation years ago in Orange County I was approached by a gentleman who asked if I wouldn't like to have lakefront property. I told him that if we had wanted lakefront property, we would have bought lakefront property.

Our concerns seem to fall on deaf ears. One neighbor who would be devastated by this has written letters to our representatives expressing his concerns. It is hard to believe that there is no one who will stand up for the rights of the individuals in Spotsylvania. We are lost in the Wilderness.

Susan I. Young