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Fight litter: Call those sign-posters!

Date published: 3/19/2013

Fight litter: Call those sign-posters!

Not long ago, one of Rob Hedelt's gripe columns ["Lake Anna center has gone futuristic," Feb. 10] engendered response. A King George County reader responded that he had had it with all the "cash for junk" signs slapped up all over the area. That just about covers it for a good many people.

There's much that we cannot control or resolve but keeping litter or "cash for junk" signs off the roadways is not one. The situation demands the question: Why doesn't law enforcement call the phone numbers? Issue a warning via a courtesy call communicating that if the signs have not been removed by a certain time, the culprits will be issued a citation for littering and for the posting of an illegal sign?

Most debris has no identification as to the owner, but the signs with phone numbers obviously do. The culprit has left a phone number to call. Make contact with sign offenders and maybe take in some revenue for the county and state. It would benefit the entire community.

Having signs posted all over the place is an eyesore. In the case of signs--illegal or legal--less is more. This should not be hard to clean up.

Brenda Hamilton Hynson

King George