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Big Band concert: Now that was good music!

Date published: 3/22/2013

Big Band concert: Now that was good music!

When I was a little girl, my dad would have me listen to music on the radio in the car or in the kitchen. It was Big Band music and some jazz. He would say, "Listen to that. That's good music."

On March 3, we had the privilege of attending the Fredericksburg Big Band Concert in Dodd Auditorium at the University of Mary Washington.

What a wonderfully entertaining time! The music was powerful and the singing charming. As I sat and looked around, I could not help but notice the faces of those in the audience, many of whom were my elders. It was a delight to see them with a smile of recognition of a time gone by.

The comments from the crowd were ones of praise and delight. The toe-tapping, hand-clapping, and head-nodding, from the youngest to the oldest, was a joy to see. Our 10-year-old daughter had the privilege of being there as well.

Even those on stage were smiling and enjoying themselves.

The Fredericksburg Big Band does this not for money but for love of music. No one is paid. I would like to thank all those involved in making this show a success.

I know there are many unseen faces who work hard in the process. Thank you, UMW, for providing the comfortable facility.

My dad passed away several years ago, but he did instill in me a love of music. I know one thing: If he had been sitting next to me that Sunday, he would have said, "Listen to that. That's good music."

Mary Rose Dundon