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UMW students, local residents work together

Date published: 3/22/2013

UMW students, local residents work together

On behalf of the College Heights Civic Association and residents of the neighborhood, I would like to thank all of the UMW students who volunteered their afternoon on March 16 to participate in Good Neighbor Day.

This project was sponsored by the Student Government Association. More than 250 students gave of their valuable time to assist any resident who asked for help with projects such as raking, pruning, hauling debris, garage/shed organizing, porch and deck cleaning, and other light yardwork.

There was no fee asked for these services; the students (dressed in their bright blue T-shirts) did these chores strictly to foster goodwill off campus and lend a hand where needed.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of the students at their celebratory cookout after the work was completed and found them to be friendly, courteous, and positive young ladies and gentlemen, truly goodwill ambassadors for UMW.

A special thanks goes to Ms. Kagan McSpadden, the SGA Director of Community Outreach, who contacted our board, came to a meeting to discuss and coordinate the details, and was a wonderful liaison between UMW and CHCA.

Our Civic Association looks forward to more collaborative efforts with UMW to foster good relations between the university and the neighborhoods.

Meredith Beckett


Ms. Beckett is president of the College Heights Civic Association.