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Lake at Wilderness Run is but one 'concept'

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Date published: 3/24/2013

In a March 17 letter ["Is Wilderness Run threatened?"], a Spotsylvania resident wrote of her concern that "the Wilderness Battlefield Gateway Study will negatively impact many homeowners, most of whom live in Spotsylvania."

As someone who has helped spearhead the study from the start, I want to assure the author and anyone with similar concerns that this is not the case.

The most important thing to keep in mind while reviewing the Wilderness Battlefield Gateway Study is that it is not a final plan for the Wilderness area, with each of its features set in stone; it is, rather, a "kit of parts," a collection of concepts around which a working consensus has been achieved.

That consensus, however--the full text of which is available at WildernessGateway.org--comes with conditions.

While creating a lake at Wilderness Run is indeed one concept, the ultimate realization of this idea is dependent not only upon extensive "due diligence by Orange County" but "coordinated discussion by Orange County officials with Spotsylvania County and Culpeper County officials."

Until and unless a lake is deemed feasible, the study calls for the landscape to "be reserved as forested areas, meadows, flood plains, and streams."

Spotsylvania County supervisors and staff have been consulted at each interval of the Wilderness Battlefield Gateway Study. New development is far from imminent; nothing impacting Wilderness-area landowners can or will be done without proper notification and a requisite public hearing process.

In addition to communicating directly with local officials, I encourage anyone with concerns relating to the Wilderness Battlefield Gateway Study to contact me at
Email: president@fowb.org. Navigating the study can prove daunting at times; I am happy to help however I am able.

Zann Nelson


Ms. Nelson is president of Friends of Wilderness Battlefield.