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Retirement policy, after the fact, is just wrong

Date published: 3/25/2013

Retirement policy, after the fact, is just wrong

It amazes me that the IRS can now proclaim that paying people for not working is illegal ["Stafford's Bridge," March 20]. It's done all the time: It's called welfare, farmer's assistance for not growing crops, etc. In fact, the federal government often provides incentives for senior employees to retire early for exactly the same reason Stafford County supposedly did--to replace high-salaried employees with lower-salaried employees.

I have no problem if the IRS or the Stafford County Board of Supervisors decides at some point to declare that all future retirees will not get the bridge. That allows future employees to make retirement decisions based on those facts. But to state--after an employee has already taken the incentive and retired--that, oh, it's illegal and therefore we are sorry, just doesn't quite cut it. Stafford County needs to fix this immediately.

David DeWitt