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FAMPO is disrespectful of Spotsy's wishes

Date published: 3/25/2013

FAMPO is disrespectful of Spotsy's wishes

The residents of Spotsylvania County have stated clearly that a toll road from Interstate 95 is not wanted, and wish it cancelled ["Toll road disagreement erupts at meeting," March 19].

We would never ask our representatives to support something going through Fredericksburg that Fredericksburg's elected leaders, for clear and defined reasons, said they did not want and that would not help their constituents. We would not think of doing this to Stafford either.

And yet that is what the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization has continually done to Spotsylvania County's representation since January 2012. Now it is to the point of raised voices, semi-personal attacks on our representatives, and statements such as, "This is not a great moment for FAMPO." Indeed.

Rather than revisit the reasons the toll road is a bad concept, just cancel it, and have a good day.

Doug Craig