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Stimpson hits teachers and strains ethics

Date published: 3/28/2013

Stimpson hits teachers and strains ethics

It is unethical for Stafford County Supervisor Susan Stimpson to have a link on a taxpayer-funded county Web page to her Facebook campaign site for personal and political gain.

In an act of desperation, trailing in recent polls for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, she clearly attempted to incite the statewide electorate by raging out at the Stafford teachers' "union" on her campaign Facebook page. Not only is this disingenuous, it is disrespectful to teachers.

Any elected officeholder or candidate for public office should know that Virginia is a right-to-work state. There is no teachers' union. There is no collective bargaining. Each teacher signs his or her own contract. Professional associations promoting teacher development and improved childhood education are not unions.

The Board of Supervisors should be reaching out with open arms to the School Board to appear before them in public. Throwing up roadblocks in what has been described to me in politically correct terms as an "interesting process" is unacceptable.

Doesn't one lose credibility by raging out against teachers with a politically charged diatribe while claiming to support education?

Let this be a teaching moment: "Write this down, it will be on the test in November." Not only is Virginia a right-to-work state, it is a right-to-vote state.

It is time for the teachers and parents of nearly 27,000 students to vote for candidates who support full funding of our schools.

Dean Fetterolf