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Stafford schools budget lacks clarity, specificity

Date published: 3/28/2013

Stafford schools budget lacks clarity, specificity

As a Stafford County resident and parent of school-age children, I am disgusted with how the recent budget hearing went. Throwing insults back and forth will not accomplish the goal, which is to make our teachers happy and to consider the tax issue.

I work for a local government entity, and the way our budget is presented makes it easy for me to understand. The way the county and the schools present the budget has me going in circles. The school budget is presented in a broad outline that doesn't make any sense.

I want to know what exactly is going to my child's school. I have a right to know that. I am currently fighting for a chorus-teacher position at Drew Middle School, and now I can see why nothing is getting done.

I present a challenge to the School Board to present a budget that any average layman can understand. Account for every penny, show me where it goes. Explain why there is no money for a chorus teacher at Drew. I have yet to get an answer from anyone as to why that is.

I would gladly pay a higher tax if that is what will get a chorus teacher or raise teacher salaries. Let's value what we have here and show some respect for one another during a tough budget year.

Kelly von Schwanitz