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Why do many wish ill on federal workers?

Date published: 3/29/2013

Why do many wish ill on federal workers?

I've been reading letters from non-federal employees who believe that reducing the federal workforce, federal furloughs, and federal reductions in pay are overdue. As a federal employee, it baffles me that some Americans wish this type of failure on their countrymen.

These people don't comprehend the magnitude of these cuts. Will they make a dent in the federal deficit, which can be blamed on Washington lawmakers? No. The money saved will be the equivalent of a grain of sand on the beach, and these cuts will affect all of us.

Border Patrol agents face a 40 percent decrease in pay between the furloughs and loss of overtime. These agents are on the lower end of the pay scale, and without this pay many face the risk of losing their homes. The same people hollering the loudest about immigration reform and who are in favor of these cuts will now see the number of illegal immigrants increase exponentially.

The lack of food inspectors, whom we depend upon to give us healthy food and clean water, will no doubt result in massive E. coli or salmonella outbreaks.

To the worker who is forced to take the pay cut, money spent on restaurants, clothes, and home improvements will be saved, eliminating tax revenue that would have gone into the local economy.

Federal employees pay taxes, pay for their health care, do not have their retirement funded, and pay into Social Security like everyone else. We are a highly skilled and educated workforce asked to contribute more than our share to solve problems we did not create.

We take pride in what we do, yet are demonized by elected officials and a group of people who wrap themselves in the American flag, yet despise the very people who serve it. I fear where we are headed as a nation.

Mark Bushman