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We got those federal workers on the run!

Date published: 3/29/2013

We got those federal workers on the run!

Happy days are here again! Federal bureaucrat heads are ready to be rolled. How the hogs at the public trough do squirm. They can start packing their carpetbags and practice how to jump a boxcar out of town. Liberation is just around the corner!

Our beloved state is about to be cleansed. Let no loyal patriotic Virginian fall for the rogue voices promoting the value of gray, faceless federal bureaucrats to our state, regions, counties, and towns!

Take heed to the captivating voices bombarding us from our prized one and only true national news network. Do not turn a deaf ear to our revered national political party's representatives. They always consider our intelligence when communicating with us. Now is the time, my fellow Americans.

Do not try to figure out why we hate federal workers and retirees so. We must make up our minds once and for all: Do we really want to kill faceless federal bureaucrats, or do we want to continue wallowing in the wealth their presence smothers Virginia with?

Stanley R. Clark