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College kids did world of good for neighbors

Date published: 3/29/2013

College kids did world of good for neighbors

We often hear criticism of college students by College Heights residents. I would say that 99 percent of the time we have no problem.

What a surprise! Kagan McSpadden sent a note that 250 students were willing to come and help us with our yard work, garage-shed organizing, porch-deck cleaning, and other projects. Wow, I thought of all kinds of things they could do.

At 1 p.m., six boys showed up: Demitre, Ryan, Daniel, Chance, Edward, and Jared. From the attic to the basement, they did a great job. And then they raked both my lots. And to top it off, they asked me to go back to the college to eat with them.

The afternoon was a great help to me and all others that received assistance. Many thanks to each one who helped College Heights see the hope of our future.

And may God bless Kagan McSpadden for putting the Good Neighbor Day program together.

Ben Kistler