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With sequestration, compromise is required

Date published: 3/31/2013

With sequestration, compromise is required

In 2011 Congress passed what we know of today as "sequestration." The effects of these actions, designed to mitigate the debt crisis, are proving harsh for my family, my friends, and me. It has had a negative effect on a majority of middle class Americans.

Most Americans perceive it as paramount for the health of our future for Congress to take action now. It must resolve the national debt dilemma in a way that is reasonable and fair, and protect important safety-net programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, that Americans rely on for a basic standard of living.

Unfortunately, though Congress has acknowledged that something must be done, it has been unable to compromise on a better solution than the ill-conceived sequester. This is due to the rigid partisan divide between the Republicans who control the House and Democrats who control the executive office and Senate. A stalemate is based on differing ideology. This sequestration is hurting our economy and, more importantly, indiscriminately hurting Americans.

Compromise exists that avoids the needless hardship put on vulnerable Americans and national security. Both parties must compromise.

Christopher D. Smithers