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No more 'Friday Night Lights' at SHS?

Date published: 3/31/2013

No more 'Friday Night Lights' at SHS?

It is the ultimate irony that as the spotlight on former Stafford High football player Torrey Smith shines brighter, the lights for the current SHS football team are dimming. It has been a thrill for those of us in the Stafford community to follow Torrey's success as a Stafford Indian, Maryland Terrapin, and Super Bowl star with the Baltimore Ravens. Yet we are sad for all the upcoming football players who may be dreaming the same dreams that Torrey had at Stafford High.

The future of Stafford High School football for the next three years is in limbo. The "Friday Night Lights" that so many of us have enjoyed may not burn for the next three years. Due to inadequate planning, the team was left without a practice field for the next three years or more.

This forced the team to make a drastic decision in order to keep their players onsite during practice. This choice was made due to logistical difficulties with transporting players/equipment through a congested intersection to a field on U.S. 17, and the impact that traveling offsite will have on academics (i.e., after-school tutoring).

There was no real choice other than using the playing field for practice, risking extensive damage to the field and rendering it unusable for home games.

No home team rushing through the "Go Indians" sign held by our cheerleaders, no marching band taking the field at half time, no home-field advantage. Too bad our county officials didn't work harder to find an adequate solution. I hope that somehow we can find a way to keep those "Friday Night Lights" burning for Stafford High.

Ann Jett