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Susan Stimpson needs an attitude change

Date published: 3/31/2013

Susan Stimpson needs an attitude change

Several days ago, I had no idea Susan Stimpson existed. All that changed when I attended the Stafford Board of Supervisors meeting as part of the Sea of Red on March 19.

We are a Marine Corps family of five, and chose to move here from Okinawa for quality of life, the schools, and universities. Since 2004, I have been teaching in Stafford, and I've slowly watched politician after politician use local government as a proving ground for higher aspirations, and Stimpson is no exception. Her condescending attitude was appalling, and her standard reply when held accountable is a smug excuse.

She has alienated constituents because of her contradictory views. Her detractors' comments are erased and blocked from expressing their views on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, too.

Her claim to fame is "lowering our taxes" by a whopping $26 last year, so we should be thankful?! She will leave a wake of destruction in this campaign with misrepresentation of facts. The latest is that the teachers union has teeth. I guess she doesn't know that the commonwealth is a right-to-work state.

Whether she is elected to a new office or not, I am hopeful she will no longer serve on the Stafford BOS! Please step aside in the name of progress!

Rosanna Carrillo