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Teacher pay in Stafford: Step increases don't count?

Date published: 4/4/2013

Stafford County teacher Sophia Ryder's letter to the editor, "How come Stafford raises all but teachers?" on March 28, complained that she hasn't had an increase in pay in four years and blames the Board of Supervisors. What is troubling to me is her false claim that "our teachers and service personnel have received nothing in the way of increased compensation."

Effective April 1, 2010, school employees received a 2.5 percent step increase. School employees then got another 2.5 percent step increase effective July 1, 2011, and those school employees at the top of the scale got a 2.5 percent stipend. A 2.5 percent increase is $3 million out of our county budget! Those are real tax dollars.

The writer then plays the "class warfare" card, pitting county employees against school employees. I am sick of this rhetoric. No one is arguing that teachers should not get a raise, and clearly the Board of Supervisors thought so too in their budget last year when they gave the schools almost all of their new revenue last year: more than $5 million. Teachers should be asking the School Board why they didn't get a raise, instead of marching to the Union Pied Piper in blaming the BoS.

Lastly, Ryder implies the Board of Supervisors gave themselves a raise when teachers didn't get one. The board did not get a raise (the majority on this board cut their own pay by 25 percent in January 2010), and they do not qualify nor participate in the Virginia Retirement System so they do not benefit in that way, either.

Ryder is entrusted with our children every day. I am concerned about her inaccuracies and divisive tone of "us" vs. "them" because this is the opposite of what we should be teaching our kids.

Meg Jaworowski