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Apparently, the GOP hasn't gotten the message

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Date published: 4/7/2013

It is heartwarming for a cynic such as myself to see the frantic efforts that politicians use to ensure that voters aren't exposed to their real message. These thoughts are aimed in particular at remarks by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska, who disrespected Latinos) and Dave Agema (Republican national committeeman from Michigan, who called gay Americans "filthy") recently. Gays and Latinos are crucial populations the Republicans must woo to maintain their Senate majority, and attain a House majority, yet their leadership has been steadfastly chastising them in the media.

The Washington Post quotes an "autopsy" performed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee after their universal 2012 defeat as saying that "the single biggest problem was poor communication support." This says to me that our elected officials (and I mean Democrats and Republicans) don't care that the views of their colleagues are bigoted and out of touch--what they really care about is not tipping their hand until after they are elected and are immune from any real censure for their idiosyncrasies.

The Congress is the only body I know of where the inmates openly run the asylum. Once a person is elected, no matter how wacky he is, his colleagues will cover for him. As long as Congress continues to serve the interests of its corporate masters, they can count on a long and uninspiring career.

Lucian Laurie

King George