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Confused Fetterolf unfair to Susan Stimpson

Date published: 4/12/2013

Dean Fetterolf's March 28 letter ["Stimpson hits teachers and strains ethics"] regarding Stafford supervisor and lieutenant governor candidate Susan Stimpson continues his pattern of struggling with the facts.

He accuses her of having a link to her Facebook page on the county website, which is false. But let's consider that we are writing letters about Facebook pages; if you don't like what is on a page, then ignore it--it's that simple.

He then writes that Stimpson is wrong about Virginia having a teachers union. The Virginia Education Association is a trade union, and its parent, the National Education Association, is the largest trade union in the United States. A Google search of Virginia unions will show there are 159,000 union members in the state. Stafford County even has a firefighters union. Here is what Fetterolf doesn't seem to understand: The VEA is a union, even if it can't collectively bargain.

His real concern is that the Board of Supervisors won't raise real estate taxes by 12 percent to "fully fund" the School Board's $18 million request for increased funding. Maybe the next time he runs for Board of Super-visors he can campaign on that plan. He got 29 percent of the vote in 2011, but who knows? He just might break 30 percent with that vision.

Alison Kelly