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Redistrict Stafford to limit government

 Farm fields in Stafford County provide a vista reminiscent of times gone by.
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Date published: 4/14/2013

Redistrict Stafford to limit government

Limiting local government in Stafford County means rolling back the seven districts of yesteryear to five districts, saving taxpayers more than $50,000 annually. It means there will only be five School Board members at $12,000 annually in a county where there are only five high schools.

Having only five "selected" planning commissioners collecting a $10,000 annual stipend plus "retreats" for the few at taxpayer expense reduces costs. The removal of the seven "selected" utility commissioners as unnecessary administrative overhead saves staff time.

Stafford County consists of only 280 square miles, of which 55 square miles are part of Quantico, leaving 225 square miles for county usage.

It makes sense, with Interstate 95 splitting the county in half, to redistrict into four geographic entities (northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast) versus the seven gerrymandered districts in effect today.

Census data may deem it necessary to include "cell blocks" along the west side of I-95 for districting purposes, but all residents should be able to vote for a member-at-large, making up a local government of a five-member Board of Supervisors to ensure decision-making without stalemates.

This type of 21st-century district setup not only limits local government but eliminates the possibility of gerrymandering that has now infested this rural community.

Republicans had the opportunity to limit government during the 10-year districting process in 2011 but failed to deliver.

As for families with high school students, who is your School Board member? Join me in limiting government now so that our schoolteachers get raises and step increases to educate the next generation of leaders.

Paul J. Waldowski