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Note to educators: Stop whining, start teaching

Date published: 4/22/2013

Note to educators: Stop whining, start teaching

In response to letters in the April 14 Viewpoints by Irene Egan ["How much more can we ask of schoolteachers?"] and Frank Withrow ["Times have changed, and so have our schools"], I advise them to stop whining and teach.

Thirty-eight years ago, my daughter's elementary school teacher told us that the school "owned" our children after they left our front door. The principal said that they were the professionals and we parents should sit down and shut up. In my daughter's high school, her English teacher had her write and grade the final exam under penalty of failure. My wife and I assisted Fairfax County in moving these two to "administrative positions" away from the school.

The secular progressive, ultra-liberal public employees that teachers voted for all these years made it worse with all the extra requirements. They voted in overwhelming majorities for politicians who invented these added duties. Teachers are reaping what they sowed.

I do not really care if these nine-month, part-time workers feel overworked. In private business, they would be bankrupt now with all their failures.

In my 30 years in private industry and 20 years in the federal government, I worked with college graduates from Virginia schools who cannot read, write, do math, or think. I am not an educator, but I deal with their product.

Educators, make our politicians rein in or abolish the Department of Education. Make your unions demand an end to tenure. Support charter schools.

Bob Johnson

Locust Grove