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Americans could learn from Mrs. Thatcher

Date published: 4/23/2013

Americans could learn from Mrs. Thatcher

We read Keith Hudson's commentary in The Free Lance-Star on April 17 ["Thatcher: One of the world's great leaders"].

As a person who had the good fortune of living in Scotland in 1960-64 and then returning to work and live in London in 1980-83, I just wanted to let him know how much we enjoyed reading what he had to say. His comments were right on target and people should read more about what Margaret Thatcher did for the U.K. and how she saved it from the brink of failure.

This is especially true of Americans, and how we are moving down the path our country is on at this time. Thank you to Mr. Hudson, for this article and the many other items he has written. I hope he returns to Fredericksburg soon.

Earle Greene